The best bi-deck hardware you can buy
Snowskate Hardware FAQ


Why do I need these?

If you ride a bi-deck snowskate you will most likely have your truck bolts fall out while you are riding at least once. I had it happen when I was coming off a rail and it wasn’t pretty. There are no standards for snowskate riser or baseplate thickness so you have to guess which bolt length will be right. Too short and too long can both lead to bad things.

What’s happens when a screw is too short?

When your bolt is too short it can pull out of the insert and rip the top few threads out. This can also occur if you over tighten a short screw. A short screw can also vibrate out because it doesn’t have enough threads to grab on to.

What’s happens when a screw is too long?

There’s a few bad things that can happen. If the screw is too long it won’t tighten properly even though it feels tight when you install it. This can lead to the screw vibrating out and your truck disconnecting from your sub while you are riding. If you over tighten a long screw it can also push through the bottom of your sub.

What makes your hardware just right?

Because my hardware uses a headless set screw you can tighten it just enough so that you know when you’ve hit the bottom of the insert and you don’t over tighten or leave any threads unused. The nylock nut allows you to tighten down perfectly for different thicknesses of baseplate and riser. The screws for the deck have nice flat heads that can hide under your grip if you want. Both the set screws and the deck screws tighten with a 3mm hex wrench that’s included.

Is snowskate hardware something special or could I just buy the screws, nuts, and washers myself?

They aren’t anything special. You can buy them yourself online. If you buy all the stuff in my pack you’ll end up spending around $15 with shipping. I sell my pack for $13 including shipping. You can buy 10 packs for $80 with shipping. You do the math.