The best bi-deck hardware you can buy
Installation Guide
  1. Apply several drops of the included Loctite 242 to the insert threads until it reaches the bottom of the hole.
  2. install1 install2

  3. Tighten the set screws with the included 3mm hex wrench until they hit the bottom of the insert. Do not over tighten! All you need to do is make sure you hit the bottom. That’s tight enough.
  4. install3

  5. Allow the Loctite to set 24hrs if you have the time. That’s what they recommend.
  6. After the Loctite sets add your riser of choice and your truck. Add the included split washer and tighten the nylock nut down until the split washer is compressed firmly. Do not overtighten! For added insurance you can also add Loctite to the exposed threads of the set screw before you put the nut on but that’s overkill I think. You already have  the split washer and nylock, that’s double protection right there.
  7. install4

  8. WARNING: You need to clear the nylock nut by at least one thread for the nut to be properly on there. If the set screw doesn’t clear the top of the nut you need to use thinner risers. Add more risers to the top of the truck under the deck if you have to to reach your desired height.
  9. install5